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4 Mistakes to Avoid to Get the Best Skin Care routine

Men think that they take care of their skin by cleansing their face with a cleanser. Well, the truth is that’s not just enough. 

You need to follow the proper steps to get youthful skin. 

Given below are the mistakes that every man should avoid to get the best skin care for men.   

  • Not Cleansing Properly 

Washing face with your favourite soap or face wash isn’t enough. If you have a beard, cleaning your face with a cleanser only isn’t going to keep the dirt away from your face. Many dirt residues remain inside your beard or skin surface that damage your skin cells. The best solution for this situation is to cleanse and exfoliate. Exfoliation removes small and microorganisms form your face and promotes better blood flow. It also removes the dirt and even pimples from the face. Once you start using an exfoliator regularly, you will notice that your skin is rejuvenating and becoming clean and the blackheads are removing. The best way to exfoliate is to use a cleanser first and then gently apply the exfoliator on your skin in the circular motion.  You can choose any online exfoliator that provides deep-pore cleansing. 

  • Wrong Shaving 

Yes, you read it right. Shaving wrong is a thing. Ingrown hair makes the shaving problematic as they don’t come out of the skin until they grow and curl inside it. It’s not only difficult to remove them but also can give you painful acne as well. To tackle this situation, you need to shave better. Use anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, or azelaic acid. These ingredients will help the ingrown hair to grow faster and prevent breakouts & irritation. You also need to change the way you shave. Soak the beard with a shaving get or cream for a few minutes and as the cream settles a bit, start shaving without putting much pressure on the razor. Don’t try to cover the entire face at once. Do it precisely and use different shaving blades for different areas. Adjust the razor as and when required. Don’t use one blade more than once unless it’s specially manufactured for multiple uses. 

Best Skin Care For Men
  • Sweating 

Sweat is enough to trigger breakouts and acne. You need to clean your face as you get sweaty. Never use your hands to clean the sweat. Wash your face or use microfiber cloth as it soaks the sweat quickly. Never rub your face with a cloth instead, pat it slowly.  After exercising, wash your face carefully with a cleanser. Don’t wash your face more than twice a day with the cleanser. Consider washing with normal water for the rest of the day.    

  • Using the same pillowcase for days

Using the same pillowcase for more than two days will lead to many skin issues. Your face and the entire body shed numerous dead skin cells on the bedsheet and pillowcase. If you are not changing it daily, you are probably damaging your skin cells every day. Change your pillowcase and the bedsheet after two days and if possible, every day. This will decrease the chances of breakouts and bacteria. 

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Source: 4 Daily Mistakes Every Man should stop making 


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